The deciduous forests of North Konkan cocoon you from the hustle and bustle of city life and yet in close proximity of Mumbai.

Clean air and lush green surrounding with all modern amenities make Roha an ideal choice for comfortable residential living with nature. Abundantly gifted with thick greenery and sparkling Kundalika river, Roha’s distinctive traditions and exquisiteness has created a futuristic vision in the mind of visitors and residents alike.

The Perfect Weekend Getaway :

Each farmhouse with an area of 1+ acres offers a rich variety of locally grown species of shrubs and trees for lifelong companionship for all generations! Each farmhouse comes with a rich variety of trees which majorly consisting of:

Ornamental: Bhava, Bougainvillea, Teak Fruit: Coconut, Cheekoo, Mango, Jackfruit, Kokum, Java Plum Medicinal: Malabar Nut, Indian Bay Leaf, Ceylon Ironwood, Indian Gooseberry, Chinese Washnut, North Indian Rosewood (Sheesham), Waras, Queens's Flower

Grow Organic Fruits & Vegetables

You have the rare opportunity of growing your own organic & chemical-free fruits and vegetables for your family. You can raise a cow and drink fresh milk too! Use tractors to plough your field and grow your own vegetables amidst the shade of the trees.

The soil in and around this area is very fertile with one of the highest ground water tables.

Enjoy the Company of Pets

Live out fantasies of living on a farm commune, having the company of dogs, cows and buffaloes, rabbits, hens, ducks.


Full-fledged restaurant with air-conditioned guest rooms with stunning views

Rustic and Rural Ambience

With a rustic & rural ambience, pleasant climate, excellent connectivity to Mumbai, each farmhouse at The Farmhouse Company comes with water and electricity connections – ready for you to move-in and live full time.